Shareholder Disputes

At Miller & Fisher, LLC, we represent minority shareholders, majority shareholders, and businesses involved in shareholder disputes throughout Indiana. Our practice in this area has included litigating breach of shareholder / partnership agreement claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, disputes concerning corporate governance, dissolutions, closely held business disputes, excessive executive compensation claims, and more.

We have more than 50 years of combined large firm litigation and appellate experience at both the state and federal court levels, and an extensive background in early dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. Because we are a smaller firm, we can offer you a level of personal attention, quality, and commitment that large firms are hard-pressed to provide.

Law Firm Dissolution

We have experience in handling the dissolution of legal partnerships and law firms. As attorneys, and members of a law firm ourselves, we recognize, and are sensitive to, the importance of resolving these situations with grace, and the need to preserve relationships with a minimum of damage. Because of our experience in litigating the rights of partners in law firm dissolutions, we have been employed on a number of occasions to guide either the remaining or departing law firm partners in handling the dissolution and accounting issues in a manner that would avoid unnecessary disputes or disruption, or create unnecessary animosity. We have done the same for partners involved in the dissolution of medical partnerships. If you or your firm are considering dissolution, our firm can help.

Contacting Our Law Offices

Whether your shareholder dispute involves a claim of excessive executive compensation or litigation concerning a buy-sell agreement, call or contact us directly at our Indianapolis, Indiana, law offices today to schedule a time to meet to discuss your situation.

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