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Miller & Fisher, LLCAt Miller & Fisher, LLC, we understand the advantages and disadvantages that are part and parcel of the large law firm experience. We have this understanding because our attorneys, Debra H. Miller and James R. Fisher, put in more than 50 years of service combined at a large Indianapolis law firm before leaving to establish this practice in 2006.

Something Different to Offer

We believe that our smaller, more focused practice has something different, and something of tremendous value, to offer business clients: actual trial experience.

There are many “litigators” for whom trial is merely a theoretical concept. Hiring a lawyer without trial experience introduces an additional element of risk unrelated to the merits of your case. Without a clear understanding of the evidence necessary for trial, a lawyer is more likely to engage in extensive, expensive, and unfocused discovery. Trial experience, on the other hand, provides focus for nearly every decision made during the course of litigation.

A lawyer with actual trial experience may enhance your ability to obtain a good settlement. Trial experience is invaluable in evaluating a judge or jury’s likely reaction to witnesses, evidence and argument. Your bargaining position may be enhanced if your adversary knows that your lawyer is willing and able to go to trial.

At Miller & Fisher, LLC, your work will be done by a partner with actual trial experience, not by a lawyer learning how to litigate on your case. Our partners have acted as lead counsel in more than 200 jury trials combined.

Our firm's primary assets are the quality of our work, the personalized services we offer, and our extensive background in business litigation including trials, appeals at both the state and federal court levels, and early dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration.

Our firm has only AV Rated* lawyers. We represent clients in the Indianapolis Metropolitan area and throughout Indiana as a whole. Our business litigation practice areas are broad and comprehensive. We are one-hundred percent committed to our clients' interests.

A Personal Relationship

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients beyond the superficial knowledge necessary for the evaluation of a claim or dispute in isolation. Obtaining a deeper understanding of a client’s business and broader issues helps us to formulate dispute resolution strategies that might be overlooked by litigation firms which take a tunnel-vision approach to litigation, and fail to appreciate the opportunity for a “win-win” outcome. By maintaining a focus on the client’s “big picture,” we have found occasions to introduce clients, with their permission, to other business contacts who we feel might present mutually-beneficial business opportunities. We do so without expectation of compensation or quid pro quo consideration. If our efforts to understand our clients’ broader business needs and interests allow us to help them make a connection that proves to be beneficial beyond the immediate requirements of our pending or previous representations, we provide something of value to our clients beyond their expectations. We take pride and satisfaction in our clients’ business successes, and not merely in our successful resolution of their litigation.

Contacting Our Indiana Law Offices

If you are faced with potential business litigation, or are seeking representation to handle an existing dispute, the lawyers of Miller & Fisher, LLC, have the litigation experience required to address your concern efficiently and professionally. Call or contact us directly at our Indianapolis, Indiana, law offices today.

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